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Master the art of managing projects with today’s most popular work management systems: Asana, ClickUp, and Monday.

Turn Asana, ClickUp, or Monday into a streamlined money maker for your business

Maximize your margins with consistent project execution

Our clients reclaim at least a month every year of wasted time, for every team member.

Webinars and

Designed for project managers, our webinars and workshops cover beginner-to-advanced topics that will save your team huge amounts of time.

One-on-one and
Team Training

Our training covers everything the typical user will need, as well as specialized learning tracks designed specifically for project managers.

Hands-on Implementation

Want to stay focused on growing your business while an expert team builds everything you need to scale your digital operations? You found us!

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Coaching, Training, and Implementation

Projects without roadblocks.

Our experts help teams implement Asana, ClickUp, and Monday to streamline your digital operations and scale your business like you've always dreamed.

Client Testimonials

The guidance was exceptional. Our time together was priceless--I cannot imagine where I would be at this stage of growth without the tools they helped our team implement as we scale up! I cannot think of anything he could improve upon. Not only did I appreciate their preparedness for our meetings, they are an all-around awesome team to work with!

Excellent work, pleasure working with Micah and the team.

We were able to create all our necessary SOPs and integrated ASANA into our business, we are super happy with the results...

If you’re thinking about working with Micah's team - just do it. They're exceptional.

A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend...

Another job well done. Thanks!

Will rehire again!

I have hired multiple times now. Always does a great job with stellar communication. I give my highest recommendation!

Fantastic and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for some additional support! We used they're skills to optimize our Asana utilization, and it was 1000000% worth every penny.

Incredibly helpful with advising on a new company launch. A very strong understanding of how to start a venture the right way. Might not be the cheapest option, but that's because they're worth the cost.

Micah and his team did an amazing job. Overall it was great working with them. Great communication and cooperation are standing out.

Micah and his team were incredibly responsive. They even offered suggestions and solutions beyond what I had originally envisioned. Highly recommend!

Was just what we needed. Having someone confirm what we thought was valuable.

Micah is so easy to work with. His knowledge and skillset is incredible. We worked together building automations and even though this feels like a complex arena for most, he made it easy to understand and took out all of the overwhelm! I would absolutely recommend!

Breadth of experience was what I needed. Value-packed experience.

4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (33 reviews)

Why use Workday Ninja?

Many companies reach a point where work become chaos and growth stalls due to lack of systems. Instead of wasting months and years, our clients get the "cheat code" of proven solutions so they can focus on growth.


Make success happen

Workday Ninja has proven systems, strategies, and training ready to implement across your team.


Unlock the cheat codes

Workday Ninja has the resources and knowledge to build fast. We support your project owners through continuous improvement and ongoing maintenance.


Stay focused on growth

Workday Ninja eliminates trial and error that can take years and reduces it down to days without effort on your part.

DIY Foundation

Workday Ninja

6+ months to figure out a scalable structure
1 week for a scalable structure
3 months to figure out project designs that work
1 week to design custom project workflows
1-6 months to create working templates
3-5 days for simple templates that work
3-12 months to determine the best way to handle process changes
1-day training workshop
Issues, questions, and changes get put on the backburner
< 48 hour turnaround to resolve
12-24+ months to determine a scalable way to manage tasks
20-min training to standardize task management
12-24+ months to get everyone communicating in an effective way
Communication guideline template is immediately available
12-24+ months to figure out how to keep stakeholders up to date
1-day training workshop for project owners
12+ months to successfully manage team capacity
1-day training workshop makes this easy

DIY Growth Systems

Workday Ninja

3+ months to build a working KPI dashboard
1 week implementation
12+ months to reduce meetings and make them more efficient
1-2 week implementation
12+ months to define OKRs and track goals
1-3 week implementation
6+ months to seamlessly handle cross-team requests
1 week implementation
3+ months to automate client onboarding
1 week implementation
3+ months to create usable content calendars
1 week implementation
12+ months to develop account management accountability
1-2 week implementation
12+ months to create a simple client data hub
1-2 week implementation
Certified Asana Experts

Streamline Asana

Master project management in Asana by utilizing its comprehensive features, including detailed status updates for real-time progress tracking, portfolios for an overarching view of all projects, insightful reporting tools for data-driven decisions, and customizable templates to kickstart and streamline every new initiative, ensuring efficient collaboration and client satisfaction.

ClickUp Certified Experts

Simplify ClickUp

Enhance your project management with ClickUp, where you can effectively balance workloads, utilize customizable dashboards for a centralized view of all activities, and enjoy easy project tracking to maintain efficiency and accuracy, ensuring a seamless workflow and high client satisfaction. Implementation Experts


Optimize your project management with, leveraging its intuitive boards for organized task tracking, customizable workspaces for team-specific needs, advanced automation to reduce manual efforts, and beautiful UI for enhanced efficiency and team collaboration.


Get answers and tips on how our specialized training can transform your team's project management skills, boosting efficiency and success.

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How long does it take?

Our training programs range from one hour to three weeks. Our Hands-on Implementation projects are a combination of implementation, documentation, and training and can take three months or more.

How much does it cost?

Initial consults and resources in the Workday Ninja Community are free. We provide both free and paid webinars and workshops. Online courses range from $0 to $495. Training programs start at $99 per person to $2500. Hands-on Implementation projects require an initial consult to estimate costs.

Are events live or on-demand?

We offer both live and on-demand webinars and workshops. Most of our events can be viewed after the live events have concluded.

Will I get a recording of any event or call I'm registered for?

Yes, all our calls, webinars, and workshops are fully recorded, transcribed, and shared with all attendees. You will also get any sharable resources we covered within the event.

Do you provide ongoing support?

Yes, we have a cost-effective package for on-demand expertise that allows your team to get access to our subject matter experts in one-on-one settings.

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Empower your team with efficient project management, unlocking their potential to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and achieve remarkable success in every endeavor.

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